The Effects of Aging on the Eyes

There are many people who reach the age of even 70 years old and continue steadily to have excellent eyesight. Numerous studies have shown that by getting older you lose your good eyesight, but with proper care of the eye, you may continue to see flawlessly just as you would in your 40’s. There is certainly no denying that when we age, changes do happen to our body as well as our eyes which might have a tendency to make them weaker.

Anytime changes such as this occur, and you have a feeling that your eyesight is getting weaker, corrective steps can be used to lessen the effects that it imposes on you. One easy way to reduce poor eyesight is that you can set up high voltage lightings in the places that you spend most of your time, like around in your study, bedroom, and so on. This may help you reduce the strains and stress on your eyes and cause you to see things a whole lot better. It shall also decrease the likelihood of any accidents/injuries that happen as a result of poor eyesight.

Methods used to prevent Eye Problems and Diseases

Making appointments with your doctor and carrying out regular tests to check for diseases such as diabetes which is known to be a silent killer and if not cared for on time leads to major eyesight problems.

Performing an intensive eye check/scan with your eye doctor/specialist once each year. Virtually all eye related problems can be cared for if they’re found early. You should make sure that your eye doctor uses eye drops to check if your pupils are dilating. It’s also advisable to have your doctor check your eye muscles and other parts that are the sources of most eye problems.

If you have diabetes or just have a family history of eye problems, you must get your eye checked at least, three times a year through the dilated pupils eyes exam. It’s also advisable to be very vigilant in spotting any dimness in eyesight, any eye pain or uncommon strain, any redness, fluids coming from eyes, swelling of the eyes or double vision.


Eye Conditions/Problems Caused by Ageing


Cataract is a condition where some or all parts of the eye become cloudy. This “clouding” that takes place on the eye lens stops any form of light from passing through it, which results in lack/loss of eyesight. The forming of Cataract is usually a slow process and will cause pain or inflammation of the eye. Once the Cataract becomes thick and large, it is ideal to remove it surgically, where the doctor substitutes the clouded lens with clear plastic lens. Cataract surgery is safe and one of the most frequent surgeries in North America/USA.


Glaucoma is a common condition that results from the build-up of fluid pressure in the eye. Which can cause lack of vision or complete blindness if not treated in its first stages. A lot of people experiencing Glaucoma don’t have any symptoms of the disease before it starts, so it is essential that you frequently get your eyes examined. This test is conducted by the doctor by dilating your pupils.


Floaters are small dot-like specks that float along with your field of vision, and obstructing eyesight. They’re easily noticeable in well-lit rooms or on really sunny days. This condition is normal, but sometimes they could be a critical warning indicator of the bigger underlying problem like disconnection of the retina, particularly if they are combined with bright flashes of light before your vision. In the event that you feel you can notice an abrupt change in the amount of floaters that you have, quickly seek the help of your eye doctor as soon as possible.


Presbyopia is a condition that occurs mostly after clocking the age of 40 years old; many people have a tendency to lose the capability to read small prints or see near things— this is can cause tired eyes, and headaches. This is a normal aging process that happens to almost everyone in their lifetime. The Presbyopia problem can be easily corrected with wearing of medicated glasses.

eye vision


Tearing is a condition occurring when the person’s eye tears more than normal. This condition happens because of the sensitivity to temperature changes, wind or light. You can safeguard the eye by using sun shades— doing this might result in resolving the issue. Tearing may also arise due to a far more severe problem like a blocked tear duct or an eye infection. It’s a must to consult your eye doctor if you feel you are experiencing this issue.

Dry eye

Dry eye is a condition that occurs when the tear glands don’t create enough tears. For this reason, a person might feel uneasy, and it is enticed to scratch the eye. Additionally, it may cause a subsequent lack of vision and/or burning-like sensation. Your eye doctor will prescribe eye drops and in a few serious instances, surgery may be needed.

Eye diseases can be averted if you adopt a careful lifestyle. Be knowledgeable about your eyes so you can have any changes inspected by an eye doctor. Having a healthy diet plan and going for regular eye examinations will help your eyesight over time.

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